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Preparing will give you confidence in knowing your and your horse’s abilities and inabilities. Recognizing and accounting for inabilities is particularly important. Understanding that, even with all the right preparation, performances can have different results; experience will come and bring with it better preparation, better understanding, better outcomes.


Running a pattern may bring out fear for some and that’s OK. Emotions help us learn more. Use each time you ride your horse, in the practice arenas, on the trails, at shows, take mental notes (or physical notes – get a notepad). Learn from each experience. Don’t hide from problems that arise with your horse. I made a quick video post about this on our media accounts that you can reference.

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Focusing on the building blocks of  foundation and fundamentals, we produce quality trained horses.


Specializing in Reining, showing horses is a progression and part of our training program for those wishing to go in this direction.  

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It takes strong skills to develop horses and riders, and WPH goes beyond the show pen and training arena to provide quality instruction for Non Pros and horse enthusiasts filling their own tool boxes.