Bridging the Gap

Wilson Performance Horses is committed to building the reining horse. We are also committed to quality instruction. We feel there is a gap in communication between the practice arena and the show pen. This project is intended to be a bridge to consistency between "home" and "show".

Horses are smart and learn quickly that they are at "home" working or that they are at a "show" working. The mindset to have, is to ride the horse at home like we would at a show. Ride them in such a way, at home, so there is no change, or expectation, in the program at a horse show. The way we approach preparing our horses at a show needs to have the same conditions set on them at home. There should be the same degree of intensity. We are trying to find the best way we are going to ride them at a show. We are checking the horse's capabilities, level of fatigue, body frame, sharpness of maneuvers; these all need to be the same at home as we want in the show pen. The emphasis is on the most efficient and prettiest way we can get the horse to show. We are looking for the "sweet spot" where the horse and rider can show at their individual best.

Use our articles to aid in building your partner to show for a successful pattern!

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